Leadership Opportunities


Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit 

Taking place in beautiful Snowbird, Utah, Horizons is an life-changing experience for successful undergraduate applicants. If selected, the experience is fully paid for by the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

At Horizons, select undergraduates experience a six-day immersion in state-of-the-art learning for both mind and body. Participants explore the inner territories of leadership. The Sigma Chi Foundation Horizons program was designed for the brightest Sigma Chi sophomores who want to improve their skills and make a difference. Working with professionals who have fashioned innovative leadership programs for Fortune 500 companies, Sigma Chi introduced Horizons in 1999.

Sigma Chi’s core principles focus on the individual, on the development of one’s inner self. Horizons has a similar focus, stressing the development of character as the foundation for effective leadership. In this way, Horizons remains true to what Sigma Chi has always been about

The primary purpose of Horizons is for young leaders to explore the inner territories of leadership and learn, how leadership is directly linked to values and character, practices of leadership and specific leadership skills and discovering and utilizing one’s full potential for a lifetime of leadership.


Balfour Leadership Training Workshop

Held annually, undergraduate and alumni brothers gather in the largest fraternity conference in North America. This workshop serves several purposes, including:

– To engage in values-based leadership concepts for application as a chapter officer and throughout life.
-To orient new chapter officers, articulate the scope and opportunities for job planning and defining officer job responsibilities.
-Establish a vision and strategic plan for the chapter.

Placed into specific officer teams and then divided further into alumni-led discussion groups, undergraduates spend three days in discussions and strategy sessions. The curriculum that they utilize is of unparalleled quality and has been developed by experts in the field of leadership.